Sergey Razin

    New Version of SIOS iQ Freeview version available 5/18/2015

    Hello everyone!

    As part of our regularly scheduled updates, we are excited to announce that we have a new version 2.2 of SIOS iQ available!

    The new update features some exciting new enhancements:

    • Management object property pages are now available!
      • You can now access the property pages for the VMs, Hosts, and Datastores. Property pages provide the general information about each individual object as well as its corresponding performance information.
    • Introduces the retention policy for the detected Applications that now allow SIOS iQ not only determine when applications installed, but also when such are removed from the VM.
    • Bug fixes. 

    NOTE: We have also currently working on our next new major feature.  The PERC Issues that are classified as "Critical" and "Warning" both connect to the new feature, which is performance root cause analysis.  For more information, or to get early access to the functionality, please contact us at

    For a complete list of enhancements as well as bug fixes, please refer to the release notes.

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