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    Another SIOS iQ Freeview version available 4/20/2015

    Hello everyone!  As part of our regularly scheduled updates, we are excited to announce that we have a new version available!

    The new update (version 2.1) features some exciting new enhancements:

    • PERC Dashboard detailed graphs
      • You can now click on any of the charts in the PERC Dashboard to get a larger, more detailed view.  This enables you to view charts values and zoom into and pan across time periods
    • MS SQL Server Application Discovery
      • SIOS iQ will crawl the infrastructure and discover any VMs that contain MS SQL Server.  The VMs containing MS SQL Server will be identified in the inventory grid under the VMs tab
    • User Interface Enhancements
      • PERC Issues enhancements
        • Color and layout - The PERC Issues inside the PERC Dashboard have an updated look, including color
        • Context menus - Context Menus have  been added to the PERC Issues inside PERC Dashboard
      • The menu in the header titled "View" has been renamed to "PERC"
      • Side navigation panel enhancement under "PERC" 
        • The features on the left panel are now structured under P, E, R, or C
          • E: Idle VMs and VM Snapshots
          • P: Host-Based Caching 

    NOTE: We have also currently working on our next new major feature.  The PERC Issues that are classified as "Critical" and "Warning" both connect to the new feature, which is performance root cause analysis.  For more information, or to get early access to the functionality, please contact us at

    For a complete list of enhancements as well as bug fixes, please refer to the release notes.

    As usual, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

    e have a new SIOS iQ Freeview version available!  The new update (v2.0.3) introduces the PERC issues overview.  The PERC issues (labeled PERC Overview, which are located at the top of the PERC Dashboard, provide you with an easy summary of all ongoing issues within your environment relating to Performance, Reliability, Efficiency, and Capacity.  The issues are segmented by severity.  Isses that are labeled Critical by severity include issues that should immediately be reviewed, and are likely impacting your applications.  Issues that are labeled as warning by severity are ongoing issues that may potentially impact your applications in your environment.  Issues that are labeled Infomrational by severity highlight some areas of optimization for your environment.  
    To get more information about the issues, you can click on any of the numbers.  Currently, issues are only listed for Performance and Efficiency, and are broken down as follows:
    - Performance: 
         - Critical: Not in use 
         - Warning: This displays a number, but does not currently link to an area in the product.  NOTE: We are currently working on the next major feature for the product, which will identify performance issues in your environment, analyze the impact to all associated objects, identify the root cause, and recommend a solution.   This feature is currently in our beta product.  If you would like to participate in our beta program and get an early view of the product, please reach out to us!
         - Informational: This display the current number of virtual machines that are identified as ideal candidates for host-based caching
    - Efficiency:
         - Critical: Not in use
         - Warning: Not in use
         - Informational: Displays the number of Idle VMs and Snapshots in your environment
    The release also contains user experience enhancements and critical bug fixes.  For a complete list of enhancements as well as bug fixes, please refer to the release notes:


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